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Год производства: 2023
Стар показа:
Формат аниме: tv
Сезонов: 1
Всего серии в сезоне: 12
Длительность: 23 мин. ~ серия
Статус: ongoing
Рейтинг MPAA: PG-13
Жанр: Музыка, Повседневность, Школа
Первоисточник: Original
Особенности: Musica, Schoola
  • Описание eng
  • Haruo Hibiki, a former orchestra conductor, suddenly appears in front of Tenshi whose peaceful daily life suddenly turns into chaos after meeting Haruo. Although Haruo is an up-and-comer, his troublesome personality causes him to be kicked out of the orchestra. In exchange for being allowed to return, Haruo must meet certain conditions. The conditioning being to establish a new boy's choir club with only male voices at Kawagoe Academy and win the National Boys' Choir Competition. Tenshi and his friends are forced to join the 'Boys Choir Club'. The new choir members are fed up with Haruo, who has a personality that is immature, cannot read the atmosphere, and can't help but use abusive language. However, as they continue to sing and are swayed by Haruo's mysterious guidance, they eventually become absorbed in the choir. As high-level rival teams appear one after another, will the Kawagoe Gakuen Boys Choir Club be able to accomplish its reckless goal of winning the competition? A hot-blooded youth comedy filled with soulful choir songs!

    (Source: Official site, translated)

  • Другие названия
  • Поющие мальчики из Кавагоэ / Kawagoe Boys Sing: Now or Never

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